Thursday, September 23, 2010

Extraneous? Extremely.

Hello, world. It's 11:57 in the A.M., and I'm sitting in the study hall room of my high school, called "the fishbowl" by most due to it's lack of any walls you can't see right through. Today has sucked.

Let's start with some facts. In my lab class, Computer Science and Forensics II, there are four class officer positions. These are President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary/Historian. I am currently Vice President. Its my first time ever holding a class office in my thirteen years of school thus far, and its about to be threatened by an overbearing lab instructor with what seems to be a mix between bipolar disorder and a Napoleon complex. 

Early in the lab period, a fellow student who we will affectionately refer to here as The Idiot decided to start a class petition. The petition itself stemmed from an in-class joke between The Idiot and the instructor concerning a lack of adequate amounts of hand sanitizer in the lab room. The petition called for an increase of hand sanitizer bottles, and demanded that a non-member of the class body (read: teacher) should be the one to trek down to central supply (a daunting 3 minute quest) and retrieve said bottles. I, along with the President and Treasurer, signed the obviously jesting document thinking it was little more than a friendly, harmless joke.

The instructor thought otherwise.

After discovering The Idiot going station to station asking for signatures, and subsequently losing his mind over the ordeal, (picture a bald Orville Redenbacker with veins popping out of his forehead) he called for myself and my fellow officers to come talk to him. Without any forethought whatsoever he informed us that we no longer held offices in his class due to our "immaturity" and the fact that we maliciously "went behind his back". Now, I'm sorry folks, but that might be the most outlandishly ridiculous thing I've had to listen to since Tony Hayward attempting to cover up the BP oil spill on national television. It was a joke, and a disgrace to respectable intellect everywhere. How this man, who I do genuinely respect, could sink so low as to throw a hissy-fit over a good-hearted faux petition concerning HAND SANITIZER is absolutely beyond me. But because of his little moment of insecurity, weakness, and need for control, I'm looking at resigning the position I've waited four years for.

I will be perfectly clear: If myself, or any of my fellow officers are removed from their hard-earned and well-deserved class positions, I will withdraw every bit of my support from this lab, and I will vehemently encourage my peers to do the same. This is a dictatorial scandal, a slap in the face of good leadership practices, and a blundering mistake. I will not support class fund raisers. I will not attend class banquets or meetings. I will not so much as consider joining BPA (Business Professionals of America) or entering into any related computer skills contests for the instructor's glory. I will continue to be a respectful student, and I will continue to do my work to the utmost of my abilities. However, if this confused, misdirected control-freak of a high school teacher and so-called professional asks for anything other than this, he can quite frankly shove it up his ass. I deserve to hold my office, and any outcome but that is an outrage and a mockery of the educational system in all its glorious flaws.

UPDATE: As of today, 9/24/10, our lab instructor decided to keep us all on board as class officers. Damn right.

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