Friday, September 17, 2010

Burning the Midnight Fuel, And Then Some

Well world, it's currently 2:23 AM and I have absolutely nothing productive to do. So I thought I'd share a conversation I had today between myself and a close friend.

Her: Well, I'm far from perfect...

Me: Isn't everybody? I mean, if we take you for instance...

Her: ...

Me: Like, you aren't my type AT ALL. And you're pretty short, which isn't a quality I find appealing. Plus you tan. Ick.

Her: *stares*

Me: But hey, look at it this way man. You might not be everybody's perfect, but you're certainly somebody's perfect. Know what I mean?

Her: Yeah. That was pretty deep dude. How am I supposed to know who that somebody is?

Me: Eh...process of elimination? Guess and check?

Her: *rolls eyes* live for nights you'll never remember and friends you'll never forget. :]

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