Monday, November 19, 2012


Good evening, world. This is something I came up with while at work, and it sort of just formed itself in the back of my thoughts all day.  I got some advice today that maybe it might be time for me to really chill and step back, and I think an intellectual massage could do me some real good. I'm slipping backwards into cynicism. It's gotta be the weather.

In any case, dig it.


Gravitate to what you hate
Kiss the steel and whisper "Fate"
Pull the trigger, love the lead
Wake back up inside your bed

Fight the fire, feed the flame
Roll the dice and play the game
You’ve figured out there’s nothing more
What’s out there worth looking for?

Waking up and coming down
It might be time to skip this town
Trade your soul for something less
Continue being unimpressed

Hate yourself for who you are?
Tell the guy behind the bar
Drink the liquor, pop the pill
You've got thoughts you need to kill