Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Shower Poetry

Good afternoon, world.

As always, I've been thinking of a woman who has passed gracefully out of my sphere of worry.

I'm always looking for a muse. Enjoy.


Whispers into windy trees
The secret heart that no one sees
Goodbye hello farewell, my love
It seems the pushers came to shove

It seems our movement came to rest
I aced the quiz and failed the test
Now walk alone, sweet mockingbird
It seems you've seen what I've not heard

I took my time, you took my breath
I'd promised life, I brought you death
And now I'm here and you're away
I love the night; you need the day

Things are strange now, not the same
Still, I can't forget your name
Love's not here to make us smile
It's here to show us what's worthwhile

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