Wednesday, February 8, 2012

On Natalia Kuznetsov: The Character

Good morning, world. I've been working at a pretty horribly slow steady pace on my magnum opus, the novel that this blog was named after, meant to centralize, and progress - at least on some level - into. I've made a dent in the story, and much of what I want told has been put to paper. So I thought I would share a small excerpt from it, in hopes that some form of feedback would be in order.

"I didn't know it was possible for an angel to have the Devil's sense of humor...until a woman named Natalia Kuznetsov fell seemingly out of the sky and into my life. She was a foreign-placement student studying abroad here in the States, on a temporary student visa. That girl was the entire package, and I had never seen anything like her. Part of me knows I never will. I was hooked. As a writer, it was damned near impossible not to fall head-over-heels for a beautiful Russian dame who could end an argument with a word I'd never even heard before. An English word, at that. Never mind her fluent native tongue, or her insatiable appetite for marijuana. I couldn't believe the turn my life took after that first night, and the subsequent craziness that ensued. Half the time I thought I was dreaming, had to be, that any minute I would wake up to a hospital room full of doctors and surgeons who would tell me that I was in a coma for six years and they couldn't save my legs. I didn't even look the same after awhile, every facet of my personality began to shift. I was no longer Tyler Dermott, meek and mild, trying to live vicariously through friends that were much wilder than I. I was Tyler the Conqueror, Tyler the Destroyer, Tyler the Taker of Anything He Wanted. Life was good, and although I didn't have love, it seemed as though I had everything else."

Until next time, world...enjoy.

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