Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Good morning, world...

Have you ever found yourself standing in front of a hole in the ground, looking down, not sure if you should turn around or jump? A choice to make and path to break, or keep, as you see fit. The hole is probably very deep, and very rough, and altogether much scarier than turning around and going home. You could try to traverse the pit with a great leap...but even then, all it would take is for a shoelace to be caught, or even for you to look down as you pass over, and glimpse what you're missing. What they don't tell you - those loving Mothers and Fathers - is that the holes in the ground, much like holes in the wall, can be a lot of fun. So maybe you stop for a second, and catch your breath. Fine. Understandable. It's a big step, throwing your life away for the pursuit of pleasure. But to you, what does your life mean? Are you anything more than the sum of your parts? What are you even throwing away? A future in which you live out some sick and tragic loop of footage. The same job every day, the same car, the same trophy wife, the same snot-nose children. The same lease, the same department store purchases, the same fucking bags of Healthy Choice Dog Food for Small Dogs. Your choices become phantoms of real choices, and then cease to exist altogether. The world leaves its teeth marks on life as it should be, you see things as they are and forget what they could be. You become assimilated, incorporated, consolidated. You are now another tool of capitalism, industry, the Western Standard.

Or, rather, you would have been. Now you've considered the walls in this maze. Now you've caught your breath.

So you do what anyone like you would do, and you make a long rope out of all the money you can access at the time. Money is an evil thing; you justify this action with that absurd sentiment. Money isn't are. But you rappel down into this lovely hole in the ground regardless, which is looking lovelier with each passing moment. You pass friends who have gotten hung up on the jagged rocks, but you don't hear what they have to say. Soon, your rope is at an end. You gaze upward to the mouth of this strange place, to where the sunlight still warms the ground. Its very cold where you are. 

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