Sunday, July 24, 2011

I'm not sure why I never shared this

Did your parents never love you?
Was your house just not a home?
Did your friends decide to leave you?
Did your lovers tend to roam?

Would your tears show through as silence?
Would your cries go out unheard?
Did your family just ignore you?
Did they never hear a word?

Was the normal not your average?
Was the world a boring place?
Did you realize far too early
That there's only time and space?

Did your talent go unnoticed?
Were your pleas met with a fist?
Were there angry bottles broken
As the rage turned into mist?

Did you never learn of comfort?
Did you never feel content?
Were there bills to pay and mouths to feed
But all the money spent?

Did you have to be an outcast?
Did you have to be a stray?
Were there never enough hours
Just to fill another day?

Was temptation too abundant?
Was it something in your genes?
Could the answer lie inside you
Lurking deep behind the scenes?

Was the pen your only comrade?
Was your music your escape?
Was the wind forever blowing
To the lyrics on the tape?

Did the sun go down too early?
Did the moon rise up too soon?
Did your first love break your spirit
Leaving you to vainly swoon?

Was the mirror always dirty?
Did you hate what you would see?
Was the road without a signpost?
Was the map without a key?

Was is it fear of expectation?
Could you not live up to theirs?
Did you always walk through life
Alone, so conscious of the stares?

Until next time, world...enjoy.

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