Thursday, December 9, 2010

Everybody's Workin' For The Weekend

Good afternoon, blogosphere.

So, I know everybody on here is all big into the whole "Random Tuesday" scene, so I figured "Hey, fuckers. I'm gonna go a different route."

I present to you...Random Thursday. I don't blog enough to make this little nugget of gold a WEEKLY thing, but I can probably pull monthly. Or bi-annually. Or centennially. 

Tell me this isn't an awesome idea.

I sincerely hope this isn't real, because if it is I'm going to Burger King for lunch. It's a respect thing. Oh, and by the way, the fine-print is HILARIOUS. "Thick and Hearty Steak Sauce"? Yeah, your mom has had one of these.

I honestly don't even know.

Does this need words?

And as a chaser to all this bullshit, I figured I'd throw in a random picture relating to the holiday spirit.

A redneck by the name of Steve who I used to associate with probably has this hanging on a wall in his home. As an aside, I don't think anybody else could get away with dressing like that. Ever.

Until next time, world...enjoy.

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